We are busy replying to invitations to quote for projects at the moment. Johnathan our Exec Director, is the guy responsible for this and endures the process with typical humour. The process can be lengthy and complicated, or quite quick and simple, depending on the quality of the detail in the invitations we receive.

As Johnathan says

“Ideally we like to received a detailed plan which itemises the areas to be planted, turfed and bark mulched.  If this plan includes a fully detailed planting programme, then so much the better. This then allows us to order the plants specifically for the project and get accurate costings. It is often the case that we quote for a scheme which takes maybe  18 months to come to fruition. Predicting costs so far in advance is a job in itself. So if you’re thinking of sending us a plan to quote to, please give as much detail as possible.”


Example of a Planting Plan
This is how we like our Plans


Next on our list is servicing all our machinery which has been unused over the Winter months. Piotr, our resident mechanic is busy with his tools, meaning that when our staff need to call on a particular machine for a particular job, they know they will have the machines they need.

Following on from the maintenance of the Machines, we are also investing in our fleet of vehicles. We have a 7.5 ton Beavertail Mitsubishi Canter on order and two Ford Transit 3.5 ton Tippers. These vehicles will complement and replace some of our fleet but we are putting much emphasis on upgrading all our plant and machinery.

Finally, we are building a list of our Maintenance programmes which we are committed to undertake over the summer months.  Check out the different contact options we have by clicking on this link