Some say this plant will cure pollution!

According to The Times newspaper today, this Cotoneaster plant has the ability to soak up traffic pollutants. According to the paper, which quotes Royal Horticultural Society research, the plant absorbs pollutants in the tiny hairs and ridges in its ovoid leaves.

However, all may not be as it seems. As our director Johnathan Fountain explains, there is some concern about the suitability of using the plant in gardens and hedgerows.

“I was always under the impression that some varieties of Cotoneaster was regarded as an invasive plant by the Royal Horticultural Society. When involved with The Environment Partnership and Homes England, we were always told that Cotoneaster was a notifiable plant due to it’s capability of spreading unchecked.”

It is therefore important to check the variety of Cotoneaster you are planting as about 5 varieties are listed as being problematic. Checking out the RHA website will shed some light on the problem.

Should you require any more information or wish to buy suitable plants please ring us so we can help you.